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Vegan Bride Series: My Wedding Shoes

Three months ago I got married. It was a beautiful day and everything turned out even better than planned.

The months leading up to it, finding cruelty free and budget friendly options was harder than I had expected. I think the wedding industry tends to take advantage of the importance of the event to set very specific standards, resulting in a lack of options, which I believe are always important.

In this series I will share some tips for other brides for achieving a beautiful, cruelty free outfit, that also doesn't cost a fortune.

Since I was young I dreamed of my perfect wedding shoes. I'm so glad I found them. When I first started thinking of the wedding shoes I would wear for the big day, I was a bit sad that I wouldn't be able to wear my dreamed Ralph & Russo eden pumps due to two reasons: first, they cost around two thousand dollars, and second, unfortunately, they are made from leather, which goes against my values. With that design in mind, I started browsing vegan wedding shoes online. Searching online opens up a lot of possibilities, especially when there are certain style and material requirements.

When I found these Kate Whitcomb pumps I immediately absolutely loved them. Their sophisticated design was exactly what I was looking for. When I saw the price, I was amazed. Only $125 for these amazing wedding shoes!

Fun fact: my wedding shoes were the first item I bought for my wedding outfit: the dress followed and was inspired by them, instead of the other way around.

The bracelet portrayed in the photo was my something old, something borrowed and something blue. It used to belong to my late grandmother and now it belongs to my aunt, who lent it to me. I loved having that piece in my wedding day.

The fragrance is Saint Julep by Imaginary Authors, a vegan perfume brand that I highly recommend. Saint Julep is my favorite perfume, with notes of mint, magnolia and bourbon.

Selecting these details was a great part of the experience, and I that day I felt great, surrounded by beauty in every way✨

Photographer: Madelin Berry


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