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A Vegan Outfit for Fall

Fall is just a month away! I have surely missed feeling the cool breeze and wearing boots. I put together this all-vegan autumn outfit, and here's the step by step of how it came together. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Some weeks ago some of my Instagram followers requested I search for vegan leather jackets. Honestly, leather jackets were never really my thing. But I fell in love with this Elie Tahari vegan leather trench coat, which set the tone for this whole outfit, being the first piece I selected for it. This luxurious piece features a spread collar and a removable sash tie-belt at the waist. Its look is so timeless; it makes me think of a 1990s autumn afternoon in the city.

Now it was time to find the perfect jeans to go with this trench. After a bit of a search, I found these beautiful Good American high rise stretch flare jeans. The flare shape works wonderfully with the length of the trench coat. I checked that the tag on these jeans isn't leather, as unfortunately many jeans are not vegan due to the leather tag- (so that's something to look up for). The totality of the jeans is made of cotton, polyester, viscose, fiber and elastane. No animal products!

For the top, I thought an informal, minimalistic graphic tee shirt with a vegan message would be fun. I found this white tee shirt that reads "herbivore" on Etsy. Still elegant and clean, it goes great with the high rise jeans and it might even act as a conversation starter or make someone reflect about veganism. I think how the realistic-looking vegan leather trench coat goes with the "herbivore" shirt is a fun statement, evidencing that the leather on it is indeed vegan.

What would go with this outfit? Boots, of course! I made it a point to find some gorgeous vegan leather boots for this outfit. Straight from Spain (they ship), these black vegan leather Mireia Playà boots are some of the coolest and most elegant ones I've seen. The shape of their wooden ombré heels makes them sleek and original. This brand is 100% vegan; it also uses sustainable fibers.

When I asked myself what bag would go with this outfit, a chic vegan brand whose founder I recently interviewed came to mind, with their fun textiles and designs. Estimon's Mini Hobo Lizard bag made out of cork leather was perfect for this outfit. I adore its colors and texture, as well as its cool, practical shape. Perfect for the fall! Also- this brand is ethical in every sense and embodies the essence of vegan fashion, with its name meaning "respect". I invite you to read the full interview I conducted with their founder, Marta Sieradzka, here.

The necklace I selected for this outfit, named "Connection Necklace", features two interconnected gold loops, which Aurate considers "an expression of individuality while celebrating harmony". Its minimalistic, meaningful elegance caught my eye. Aurate is an ethical jewelry brand that utilizes conflict free and recycled materials and ensures ethical working conditions. This necklace is made out of recycled gold!

Lastly, I searched for some light faux tortoise accessories in Etsy to compliment the outfit, the pattern particularly inspired by the Estimon bag. I found this cellulose acetate bracelet. Both the bracelet and the earrings are made by artisans, who are always good to support.

I look forward to dressing for the fall and searching for more outfit inspirations. I hope you enjoyed this outfit and learning about the process, and I also hope that this outfit serves as yet another example of how using animals is completely unnecessary for fashion. We can dress in whatever way we want, happy to stand by our values while doing so.

Article written by Maggie Stilman

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