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 Vegan Fashion Resources  

Below you will find some curated guides that I consider super helpful for understanding more about vegan fashion and how to easily achieve it. They cover materials, vegan alternatives and tricks to incorporate to your shopping to make shopping vegan a habit that eventually doesn’t take much thought. I know that at first, making changes and even thinking about things you haven’t considered before, can feel like a lot. That is why I picked these guides and will soon incorporate more- so there is a place to start. Some of these guides begin with the very basics of vegan fashion- which is the why. There is more on that in my Cruelty Isn’t Beautiful article you can read here

The mission of Vria is to make vegan fashion easier for everyone. I truly recommend reading these guides to anyone who wants to learn more about vegan fashion. Also, please feel free to share in the form below the topics that you would be interested in learning more about- since I will take them into consideration for finding or creating more resources. 

Vegan fashion, as anything else, gets easier with time. As something worthy of pursue, it is fortunate that some people have already been figuring this out for a while, creating resources to make it less difficult for others. 

-Maggie S.

Founder, Editor & Writer


PETA’S comprehensive How To Wear Vegan Guide.

This comprehensive guide is an excellent resource for a deeper hands-on understanding on how to find vegan items. It provides tips for recognizing if an item is vegan or not, explains which materials to look for and avoid when checking labels and names some of the top retailers and brands to find vegan items.

Vegan Textiles & Materials List

This is a complete, alphabetically sorted list of textiles and materials clothes could be made out of, with the information about whether each material is vegan or not, and what's its source.

PETA’s Vegan Clothing Shopping Guide

This guide provides information about certain animal products commonly used in fashion items, describes what is wrong with them both in regards to animal rights and the environment, and suggests vegan brands and materials to wear instead.

*For more vegan fashion recommendations, head over to the “Vegan Picks” section of the blog! There are so many options.

* Vria is fully independent from and does not necessarily endorse the organizations that created these guides.

We however consider these guides to be useful, especially for people who are new to vegan fashion or starting to learn about it.

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