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On Satin and Silk

Rich textures and colors are some of the things I love the most in fashion. Make that embellished and it's even better! Now cruelty free 💫🙏

I've always been fond of elaborate textiles in haute couture. It saddens me to see that most of them use silk, even in small amounts such as 20%. This is, I believe, obtusely unnecessary.

Satin made from viscose is an excellent cruelty-free and eco-friendly alternative to silk. The depicted piece, Erdem's Carmina Crystal Beaded Maxi Dress, is a good example of that. It is made from viscose/cotton/acetate satin, and embellished with allover crystal and pearl-like beading.

Now, Erdem is not a vegan brand, since most of its designs unfortunately contain silk and its shoes contain leather. I am sharing this piece, that happens to be cruelty-free, to show that it IS possible to achieve the same beautiful results without animal exploitation. Hopefully more brands will soon be able to recognize this, with consumer choices proving that cruelty-free options are as or more profitable for these businesses, creating a shift in the fashion industry to leave animal products behind.

Vegan examples like this, even if accidental, can show how truly inessential animal products are to superb fashion.

What are your thoughts on this?

*Credits to Erdem via Nordstrom; background edited by VriaModa.


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