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Inspiration & good finds for today's outfit

🌿 Lately I've been very inspired working on new projects, and I believe fashion should be a reflection of how we are feeling or want to feel.

I got this Old Navy classic black dress for only $3 in ThredUp and to my surprise it arrived new with tags! Buying second hand is an excellent way to take care of our carbon footprint as well as encounter beautiful budget options. I'm loving my new Pixie Mood "Greta Work Tote" in burgundy. Its design, along with the vegan leather, achieves such an elevated feel. It's great for productivity, having different compartments for better organization. Regarding some of my latest posts about leaving leather behind and searching for vegan options, I should say this purse is all I wished a purse would be!

I also bought it NWT for an excellent price through Poshmark, and I'm glad I found it since this model isn't available in burgundy anymore.

Good, ethical, beautiful budget finds are part of what I love most about fashion. Achieving an elevated outfit you can feel great in is not proportional to the budget by any means. I look forward to sharing more about this .



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