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✨ Vegan Handbags in Burgundy ✨

For the Vegan Handbags series, here are my picks of some beautiful, refined, burgundy vegan handbags, in various budgets.

(Slideshow below!)

Once again I included second-hand options from Poshmark, which allows to find amazing options at a better price!

Pixie Mood's Aurora Satchel in burgundy is a celebration of vegan lush, itself being a 100% vegan company-- its vegan leather is made from recycled material as well 🤩.

Melie Bianco and Ashoka are also 100% vegan brands, both offering stylish, high quality, cruelty-free options ✨

Fossil and Topshop are not vegan brands, but it is always great to see various brands incorporating vegan options. The depicted Fossil tote is made out of cactus leather 🌵✨

I have faith in that soon more and more brands will not only incorporate vegan options, but also they will shift towards leaving leather behind.

Which handbag do you like best?

(Feel free to ask for the links! 💗)

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