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Vegan Handbags in Ivory & Black

Following my previous article, I want to present options and inspiration for fashionable vegan handbags. Ivory and Black is today's choice, being a timeless combination that goes well with both casual and formal looks.

(See the slideshow below!)

There are so many cruelty-free options: from "accidentally" vegan handbags from brands that aren't usually vegan (such as the Marc Jacobs' Jaquard Tote Bag), to synthetic material and fabric options, to innovative luxury vegan and sustainable brands such as Gunas New York.

When looing for vegan handbags, search for materials such as vegan leather, faux leather, PU leather, fabric, jute and wicker. There are a lot of items that just happen to be vegan.

Purchasing pre-loved items is an excellent way to reduce our environmental impact as well as save money by obtaining an item for less than its retail price. I enjoy using Poshmark and Thredup for this, I am quite glad about some of my purchases using those platforms.

As I wrote in my previous article, purchasing something that didn't harm animals not only gives the usual joy of obtaining a new beloved item, but also the happiness of knowing that with our actions we are being part of the movement that leaves animal exploitation behind.


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